Design x Nicole
Stella Rosa® Rooftop Commercial 2017

Stella Rosa® Commercials

Being the lead designer for Stella Rosa®, I was tasked with assisting in script writing, wardrobe styling, and story boarding Stella Rosa® Wine’s debut commercials.

Stella Rosa® Rooftop Commercial 2017

The concept behind this commercial was inspired by Stella Rosa’s fans online. On social media fans often took “selfies” with their favorite “girl” Stella Rosa®. My intention was to touch on Stella Rosa’s unique selling points which are: being imported from Italy, having great taste, and being a semi-sparkling wine and revealing the true “hero” towards the end of the commercial.

Stella Rosa® Bar Commercial 2017

The follow-up to the roof-top commercial the client wanted a more romantic take on the “Favorite Girl” concept. We decided to focus on a man preferring wine over whisky to reach an untapped target market.